Kinda like a motto but better. These are the principles we live by.

  • Communicate: Sometimes things go according to plan & sometimes they don't. Whatever the case, simply keeping everyone informed is super important. At JLM we value communication with our clients and our team so we can always keep things running as smoothly as possible!
  • Help Out: Like Mom Always Said... "Treat others the way you want to be treated!" See someone coming, hold the door open for them. Someone trip and fall, help them up.... You get the idea, be a team player and, make someone's day better by just simply helping them out with a smile!
  • Do What You Say: Ever have someone tell you they'll be there at a certain time, or promise to help with something and they fall through? That is not fun to deal with, and causes all kinds of headaches. Following through on promises and properly communicating when something is going to fall through is so important to build trust and be able to have fun.​
  • ​Find Solutions: Have you ever had to try plan B, C or even sometimes plan D when working on a project, or when something in life hits you out of no where? It's all in how you decide to react to the challenge in front of you. Get creative and have some fun with it! Focus on what you can control in that moment and figure it out. Bonus to deciding to go that way with it, you get stronger, more grow into an even better version of yourself!

You deserve a break. And so does your home.

JLM Cleaning is here to make sure your home sparkles like a diamond. Time to Relax! 

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